Same Day Crowns (CEREC)

CEREC Machine

A CEREC scanner is designed to take multiple images of your damaged tooth during your dental visit. The images are so detailed that they forgo the need for a traditional impression the teeth. This impression and specialized software allow us to digitally create a crown that is the perfect fit for your teeth. A custom crown is then milled right in our office. Software communicates the exact shape and size of your crown to the milling unit and a solid block of ceramic is then milled into your crown using high powered jets of water in less than twenty minutes.  After your crown has been polished and completed, the rest of the same-day procedure is similar to any other crown placement-the affected area is anesthetized, tooth is prepped, and your crown is secured in place.


If I were to choose a more traditional crown application method, how many dentist’s visits would I have compared to the same-day CEREC method?

A standard crown procedure will typically take three total visits, to allow time for a traditional impression to go out to a lab.

When I had a traditional crown, my temporary crown was painful and it fell out before the permanent crown was ready. Do I have to worry about any temporary crowns with CEREC?

Unless, for some reason your treatment could not be completed in the same day, no temporary crown is needed with CEREC.

Are CEREC crowns as sturdy as other types of crowns?

Studies show 87.5% of CEREC crowns lasted up to 27 years. With proper oral hygiene and a good home care routine, CEREC will perform and function well for years.

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