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Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime and taking proper care of your oral health is an important part of overall health and wellness at every age! Keeping a regular hygiene maintenance routine with our hygiene team, and excellent home care habits are key. Our practice is committed to helping patients understand the value of preventive dental care.

Hygiene Maintenance

Our dental hygienists at Nashua Riverfront Dentistry play an important role in many aspects of your overall dental and general health. Dental hygiene appointments are much more than “just a cleaning” or a scale and polish.

Our hygienists evaluate your medical history at each appointment including current medications, allergies, issues and past medical conditions. There are links between general health and dental health that you may not be aware of. Your hygienist can guide you through all steps you need to take in maintaining your dental hygiene, help with concerns you may have, and answer questions about recommended treatment.

A thorough hygiene exam will include checking your mouth for any lumps, bumps, sores, cavities, or anything out of the ordinary which are discussed with the dentist and will get a closer look. Your hygiene appointments also include a regularly scheduled assessment of your periodontal health. This information can help you prevent periodontal disease, or manage and minimize the health implications of the disease if you already have it.

Dental Tools and a Toothbrush With Blue Toothpaste

Home Care

Brushing and flossing removes plaque buildup. Brushing for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste will effectively clean the surfaces of the teeth, while flossing is crucial for cleaning the hard to reach areas between teeth. Always be sure to brush the front, back, and top of every tooth. It is also important to brush your tongue! The surface of the tongue can act like a sponge, absorbing bacteria and food particles throughout the course of the day. This home care routine will also freshen breath and help keep teeth whiter over time.

There are many options for flossing teeth available. Traditional string floss comes in many versions, disposable handheld flossers, reusable flossers, and water flossers are all effective methods. We can help you find the best option for you to ensure compliance and the best outcome. Flossing may feel uncomfortable at first for those who aren’t used to doing it regularly, however, after establishing a good routine, gums will feel and be healthier overall.


At Nashua Riverfront Dentistry we provide both full and partial dentures for patients who need full arch replacement of teeth, or with only a few teeth missing. We can guide you through the process with open communication and attention to detail with your specific care needs.

For denture patients, a return to normalcy is possible–chewing, talking, smiling, and a feeling of confidence are restored as well! 

Night Guards

Closeup of a Night Guard

It is estimated that up to 16% of the population experiences teeth grinding, or “bruxism,” when sleeping. People of all ages can be affected, and the condition can seriously damage teeth and dental work. First, the enamel of our teeth, a thin protective layer, is worn down, and over time, teeth can be worn down to stumps, broken, or even lost due to excessive grinding.

The muscles in the face are also affected, resulting in a painful condition commonly known as “TMJ”. TMJ is a constant tension in the mandibular joint, the facial muscles connecting our jaw to our skull–the muscles can sometimes seize and lock into place, making chewing difficult until the muscles naturally relax again.

While reduction of anxiety and lifestyle changes to reduce stressors is one way to combat bruxism and related TMJ, a night guard is a smart solution that we can make in the office to protect your teeth from damage while you sleep. Instead of clenching and grinding teeth together, a plastic covering forms a barrier between teeth, separating top and bottom from each other. A customized mouth guard made in our lab is designed to preserve your bite and is more effective than the over the counter boil and fit models you find in the drugstore.

Crown & Bridge

Your teeth can lose their natural shape for a variety of reasons throughout the course of your life. A crown or bridge may be the ideal solution for a misshapen, damaged, or broken tooth.

Crowns are a cover designed to replicate the shape and alignment of your original tooth that has been worn down. It is like a tooth-shaped cap that strengthens and preserves the overall structure. A crown is shaped to your natural existing bite, and will assist with chewing, and restore the look and feel of your smile. In some cases, a filling will not suffice for the depth of an untreated cavity; in this instance a crown can be made to strengthen the filling to assure longevity. Crowns may also preserve cracked or unstable teeth.

A bridge is used in the case of missing teeth, to fill in the gap. Similar to partial dentures, some bridges are removable, and must be cleaned regularly at home. Fixed bridges may only be removed and cleaned by your dentist. Some bridges are also permanent, attached to a dental implant placed in the jaw.

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