Digital Dentistry

Monitor Showing an X-Ray of Teeth

At Nashua Riverfront Dentistry we have invested in state-of-the art digital technology to provide the highest level of diagnostics and treatment planning. The LANAP laser for periodontal care, 3D digital X-ray or CBCT, and CEREC cad-cam same day crown system allow us to provide accurate, comfortable and convenient care available in dentistry.


CBCT, or cone beam digital x-ray, provides us with a 3-D view of your maxillofacial area including the jawbone, teeth, sinuses, even the delicate structures of the tooth roots. After we take your x-ray, computer software can be utilized view the details needed for an optimal treatment plan. CBCT can be used in our office for root canal therapy and dental implants.  A dental implant, which function as a prosthetic tooth root that holds a crown and permanently replaces a missing tooth, is surgically placed in your jawbone. The CBCT scan allows us to virtually place the implant before we begin the actually surgical procedure.

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60 Main Street,
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